TUKTuktoyaktuk (Canada)
TUKTukwila (Amtrak station code; Tukwila, WA)
TUKTeater Utan Kayu (Indonesian theater)
TUKThe University Kid (blog; theuniversitykid.com)
TUKTechnical University of Košice (Košice, Slovakia)
TUKTelepon Umum Kartu (Indonesian: pay phone)
TUKThai Urban Kitchen (Chicago, IL restaurant)
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References in classic literature ?
yes, that was little Tuk: in reality his name was not Tuk, but that was what he called himself before he could speak plain: he meant it for Charles, and it is all well enough if one does but know it.
Tuk ran quickly to the window, and read so eagerly that he pretty nearly read his eyes out; for it got darker and darker, but his mother had no money to buy a candle.
So Tuk ran over quickly and helped her; but when he came back again into the room it was quite dark, and as to a light, there was no thought of such a thing.
But little Tuk was no longer lying down: all at once he was on horseback.
Little Tuk looked, and all was red and green before his eyes; but as soon as the confusion of colors was somewhat over, all of a sudden there appeared a wooded slope close to the bay, and high up above stood a magnificent old church, with two high pointed towers.
When she spoke it sounded just like the noise of frogs, or as if one walked with great boots over a moor; always the same tone, so uniform and so tiring that little Tuk fell into a good sound sleep, which, by the bye, could not do him any harm.
"He tuk his best coat," said Dinah Shadd, reproachfully.
"The non-coms tuk Peg Barney - a howlin' handful he was - an' in three minut's he was pegged out - chin down, tight-dhrawn - on his stummick, a tent-peg to each arm an' leg, swearin' fit to turn a naygur white.
"I tuk a peg an'' jammed ut into his ugly jaw - 'Bite on that, Peg Barney,' I sez; 'the night is settin' frosty, an' you'll be wantin' divarsion before the mornin'.
He strook him!' screeches out Scrub Greene, who was always a lawyer; an' some of the men tuk up the shoutin'.
Ye can buy candles at store, but a model shows the good saints ye've tuk trouble an' are grateful."
When introduced to the city, the new pedicabs and tuk tuks, which will be powered by pedal or a small motor, will operate near the railway station and the inner ring road .