TUKOTechnical University of Koszalin (Poland)
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Balay Tuko, for example, installed hanging blinds made of bamboo and tie wires to block direct heat and lower the temperature inside the rooms without compromising natural lighting.
guaseretba (mirana), fat [activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado] tuuko, gekage, gisire tuuko, nibigai tuko (muinane), towihiboto (sikuani), bar[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]ydye, mota (tikuna, como A.
Whenever there is an "irreconcilable difference, decision is postponed until a consensus emerges." (24) This important aim of consensus-building rather than dividing people along the lines of "winners versus losers" is expressed by words such as "twi hamwe" (Kikuyu for "we are together"), "tuko nawewe" (Swahili for "we are together"), and Simunye (Zulu for "we are one").
Lejiw Lie's first-cousin, Do' Ibo:, sister of the chief Kuleh Ibo: mentioned above, married a Kayan Meka:m noble, Uvat Tuko: (Table 5).
II-3775, which concerned the Finnish authorities' decision to refer Kesko's acquisition of Tuko to the Commission, which subsequently blocked it.
Supply chain software solutions and services provider Industri-Matematik said on Wednesday (7 June) that the Finnish groceries wholesaler Tuko Logistics Oy had upgraded its warehouse system with a new version of Industri-Matematik's IMI Warehouse.
Kaplan Tuko: kampazitar, pedagag, muzykal'no-obshchestvennyi deiatel.
However, production of this exciting tale was plagued by a succession of mishaps: a South American capuchin monkey called Tuko vanished during filming; wheels fell off cars; a crane collapsed; a forest fire and an electrical inferno in the prosthetics make-up bus nearly put a stop to production and a tornado caused the set to be evacuated and rebuilt.
A capuchin monkey called Tuko vanished during filming and was never found, although the BBC hired a trapper.
First comes a son of four-time Norwegian winner Miss Tuko, a half-sister to the dam of Melbourne Cup hero Might And Power.
"The Commission Opposes the Acquisition of Tuko Oy by Kesko Oy," press release, November 20, 1996, issuing decision of Commission of the European Communities, Case No.