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In the study done by Nishant Kumar, Devashri Chilke et al, [19] tuning fork test showed conductive hearing loss in 98.
Distribution According to Tuning Fork Test Tuning fork Test Count Percent Normal 2 1.
Tuning fork test with 512 Hz frequency shown that 41 (77.
However, Hearing improvement was seen only in 39 patients among the 47 in which the intact tympanic membrane was achieved (Here, hearing improvement means no conductive loss observed on tuning fork test only).
This new tuning fork test may well be useful but before it can replace the monofilament--if it is to at all--good longitudinal studies must be done to show its predictive value," said Dr.
Although the method takes some practice, the clanging tuning fork test is simple and reliable, Dr.
These tests have been described as the percussion test with auscultation, (36) the percussion test without auscultation (35,37,38,39,40) the tuning fork test with auscultation (35,40,41) the tuning fork test without auscultation (39,40,42) the compression test (35,37,39,40) and the distraction test.
described how he and an associate used a tuning fork test to evaluate 147 patients aged 40 years and older.
Results of tuning fork tests are displayed in Table 2.
In this situation, the results of the 256- and 512-Hz tuning fork tests, which lateralized to the right ear, were a telltale sign of a false A-B gap.
Students learn to perform otoscopic examinations, tuning fork tests, pure tone and speech audiometry with and without masking, and tympanometry.