Turk-IsTurkish Confederation of Labor (Turkey)
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The food inflation was up 11.03 percent in the last 12 months, Turk-Is also said.
Turk-Is calculated the hunger threshold in April 2010 as 542.99 USD (852.5 TL) and the poverty threshold as 1,768 USD (2,776 TL).
Last week, following a meeting with Turk-Is Chairman Mustafa Kumlu, Premier Erdogan ordered two of his ministers to work on the issue and come up with a solution to the situation.
The negotiations between, Turk-Is, Turkey's largest federation of labor unions --representing the Tekel workers-- and the government have failed, when Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan's offer failed to satisfy Turk-Is.
After the break up of negotiations, Turkey's major confederation of labor and civil servant unions, Turk-Is Hak-Is, DISK, Memur-Sen, Turkiye, Kamu-Sen and KESK, got together on Tuesday and decided to go on a one-day nation wide strike to warn the government.
Turk-Is thinks the government with this move would search for a solution without disrupting fundamental characteristics of the Turkish Republic."
Kumlu referred to the "East and Southeast Anatolia Region Report" of Turk-Is, dated February 14, 1993 that included proposals for the solution of the problem, and submitted a copy of this report to Atalay.
Turk-Is chairman expressed belief that the problem would be solved in democracy, and made a call to the prime minister, government and political parties represented in the parliament to make compromise.
Workers who gathered in front of their work places, punched in with one hour delay, while their representatives made statements in front of certain venues through out Turkey which were announced earlier by Turk-Is.
Chairman of Turk-Is, Mustafa Kumlu and other senior Turk-Is officials joined workers in their strike at Turkey's Electric Distribution Co.
Turk-Is officials who met with Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently turned down the government's offer which promised a 3+4 pc raise for the first year and 2.5+2.5 pc for the second year.