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TTROTemporary Traffic Regulation Order (UK)
TTROTurn The Radio Off
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"At one point I had to turn the radio off because I couldn't bear it.
His Black Country accent used to grate on my nerves and I had to turn the radio off.
I don't see the difference between that and mine, but then I suppose it's because you can turn the radio off and that's the difference."
And with this in mind clever old Sainsbo has this week come up with a brainwave: it is putting postcard-sized plasma TV screens at eye level in the aisles, showing the latest sport, news and weather, in the hope that this will entice blokes to actually turn the radio off, exit the car and enter the store.
I turn the radio off and put the tennis on and listen to the pop of balls flying over the net!''
"The next thing I knew she was running down the stairs yelling at me to turn the radio off. I told her that she had heard me singing not the radio.
Even if you do find something appropriate, you know that every half hour or so you will be faced with the same choice: to look for yet another channel or turn the radio off.
On Reel Big Fish's breakthrough CD Turn the Radio Off (Mojo/Universal), the latest ska-pop band from Southern California's Orange County presents "She Has a Girlfriend Now" from a decidedly straight-guy perspective: "I never thought it would end like this / Just because I got no tits." Simplistic, yes, but at least these frat-boy yuksters are the butt of their own bad joke.
I haven't got the patience to drive at 56mph, coast down hills, turn the radio off, and all the other tricks to win mileage marathon competitions.
If a driver was stressed it could stop a mobile phone from ringing, turn the radio off and even stop giving instructions until the driver had recovered his composure," said Robinson.
There is a tendency in our household to turn the radio off when they speak Having said all that there are many reasons why we really should listen and then vote according to our consciences and our convictions.
Turn the radio off, stop talking if there is anyone else in the car and listen to the sound the rain makes ( the steady fizz of drizzle ( on your windscreen.