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[ClickPress, Thu Jun 27 2019] Aircraft turn coordinator is an advancement of turn and slip indicator, which displays the rate of turn along with roll information, as well as quality and coordination of the turn.
It's far easier than partial panel flight using a turn coordinator. The key word is emergency--it's not unusual for an iPad, Stratus unit or the ForeFlight app to shut itself down for one reason or another.
The 3-inch model can be used to replace the turn coordinator when equipped with an optional mechanical slip/skid indicator.
First, ATC will tell you "this will be a no-gyro vector" and instruct you to either "turn left" or "turn right." Upon receipt of that instruction, you will commence a standard rate turn (3 degrees per second) relying on the turn coordinator. ATC will watch your aircraft's track on radar.
(1) An electronic Primary Flight Display (PFD) that includes, at a minimum, an airspeed indicator, turn coordinator, attitude indicator, heading indicator, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator;
For legal IFR, the panel would need an attitude indicator, heading indicator, turn coordinator or turn-and-bank indicator, sideslip indicator and clock to meet the minimum equipment requirements for IFR flight.
A rate-based autopilot works by reference from a rate gyro inside an electric turn coordinator, arguably a less stable reference, especially in turbulence as the turn coordinator bounces.
Against all expectation, your turn coordinator fails.