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XOExecutive Officer
XOChristo (Latin: To Christ, epigraphy)
XOExtra Old
XOXanthine Oxidase (enzyme)
XOCrystal Oscillator
XOTurner's Syndrome (disorder)
XOeXtra Ordinary
XOHug and Kiss
XOExtremely Old
XOExcess Officer (US Military humor)
XOCrossover Track (railroads)
XOExpenditure Order
XOGenetic Code for Turner's Syndrome
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Karyotype of the conceptus revealed Turner's syndrome. This underscores the significance of searching for associated anomalies in agenesis of DV which can determine the prognosis.
The level of physical activity of girls with Turner's syndrome, is relatively low, low interest in practicing sports.
M to T rearrangement is a novel technique for effective surgical correction of webbed neck deformities seen in Noonan's and Turner's syndromes.
The samples collected were taken from patients with M, classified by the Ghent's criterion in 1996 [40], and TA diagnosed by the standards of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) [41] and patients with hypertension (SAH) and Turner's syndrome [42].
Of 106 women with Turner's syndrome who conceived after oocyte donation between 1992 and 2011, 35% had hypertensive complications and 20% had preeclampsia.
Background: Turner's syndrome is one of the most common of all chromosomal abnormalities.
Classical Turner's syndrome (TS) is characterized by sexual infantilism, webbed neck, short stature, peripheral edema, lymph edema, renal and cardiovascular anomalies, gonadal dysplasia and learning disability (Zinn et al., 1993; Gicquel et al., 1998; Sybert, 1998; Ross et al., 2000).
In addition, for girls, a karyotype can rule out Turner's syndrome.