TUULTrade Union Unity League
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They are Chingis Tuul and his younger brother Nergui, refugees from Mongolia, and despite the summer warmth they are wearing furry hats and long fur-lined coats.
They want the Nalayh coal mine in the north, the Oyut Ovoo in the south-central part of the country, and the Zaamar gold mine dredging operation on the Tuul River.
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) -49[bar]C* Located on the bank of the Tuul River, Mongolia's capital is surrounded by four sacred mountains with dense pine forests on the northern slopes and grassy steppes on the south.
Tuul Terbish works about fifteen hours a day, six days a week in a bakery in Plzeo.
Local Chinese Marxists of the Chinese Workers Center were first to act when they linked up with the Communist-led Trade Union Unity League (TUUL) to form a Chinese branch of TUUL's Needle Trade Workers Industrial Union that led a series of strikes and work stoppages in Chinatown factories during the early part of 1934, with mixed results.
Ganbold's girlfriend, who is also Mongolian, Tuul Shinen, 26, also works at the restaurant as a pastry chef, but eventually wants to use her degree in International Relations after she improves her English.
In December of that year, managers at Klein's fired 87 members of the communist-led Office Workers Union (OWU), a Trade Union Unity League (TUUL) affiliate.
Elsewhere, placer gold mining in Mongolia has begun to expand rapidly in the Tuul River district, 160 km west of Ulaan Baatar.
This is Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator, which lies on the Tuul River in the north of the great steppe, more than 4,000 feet above sea level.
Communists also developed their reputation for capable, militant organizing through their activity in the National Lumber Workers Union (NLWU), an affiliate of the CPUSA's Trade Union Unity League (TUUL) which counterposed revolutionary industrial unionism to the business unionism of the craft-dominated American Federation of Labor (AFL).