TUULTrade Union Unity League
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Tuul paid her agency $5,000, but recalls that promised assistance for finding accommodation was not provided.
This article was written in conjunction with a profile of Tuul Terbish that appeared in the New York University student web-zine The Prague Wanderer in April 2009.
Luckily, through the OWU and the TUUL, the workers gained a number of supporters, primarily among white-collar workers.
Elsewhere, placer gold mining in Mongolia has begun to expand rapidly in the Tuul River district, 160 km west of Ulaan Baatar.
This is Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator, which lies on the Tuul River in the north of the great steppe, more than 4,000 feet above sea level.
For the areas along the Tuul River, the sediments are reportedly contaminated with heavy metals including chromium, nickel, copper, lead, cadmium, arsenic and zinc, especially near industrial outfalls in the city such as the industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant, Khargia.
The Foster faction (though Foster himself was in torment) quickly consolidated their grip on the rank-and-file by forming a rash of red unions and in September affiliated them to the new "revolutionary" TUUL.
I was told that the horses are most active at sunrise and sunset, when they gather at the Tuul Gol river to drink, but in the evening sun it would be hard to see their dun-coloured coats against the burnished copper of the autumn grasslands.
Conducting of joint water sampling on transboundary rivers (Selenga, Orhon, Tuul, Kyahtinka, Lake Baikal) to ensure results comparability on microbiological, virological and parasitological parameters by employees of departments of both countries, responsible for implementation of the program;
Yet, Chicago party sources reveal that local pressures and politics convinced communist trade unionists to leave the TUUL before the Comintern agreed to this action.
The proposed loan for the tuul river improvement project (the project) will provide institutional strengthening of the tuul river basin authority (trba) and demonstrate rehabilitation of the tuul river in the ulnbtar area.