TVBNTotal Volatile Basic Nitrogen (index of freshness)
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Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was employed using pressure levels and aging as the independent variables and surface color, meat pH, shear force, lipid oxidation, TVBN, total plate count (TPC), ATP breakdown compounds and aroma volatiles as dependent variables.
The proximate chemical composition, TVBN was subjected to the analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA with Post-test) at 0.05% probability level.
gun mikrobiyolojik sinir degerini astigini, kimyasal bulgulardan TVBN miktarinin ise sinir degerleri asmadigini bildirmislerdir.
The proposed system and TVBN measurements were recorded at 4[degrees]C, and the electronic nose's experimental results were recorded at 5[degrees]C.
The different diets had no significant effect on microbial growth and TVBN levels at 0 C and 5 C.
To ensure comparability of testing environment, as soon as finished test of pressure characteristic curve on one poultry sample, detect its TVBN immediately, to evaluate the freshness of the poultry.
Total volatile basic nitrogen: To measure the TVBN, duplicate 10 g raw beef portions from Ls, Lc, or control samples were minced, mixed well and placed in conical flasks.
TVBN = (V x C x 14 x 100) /10, where V is the volume of hydrochloric acid added and its concentration (C), 10 represent the weight of the sample while 14 is the molecular weight of nitrogen.
Table 4 shows the TVBN and TBARS contents of horse muscles measured during frozen storage.
Changes in pH and TVBN (mg N/ 100 g) values were presented in Figures 1(d) and 1(e).
Determination of total volatile bases-nitrogen (TVBN) is commonly used to evaluate the extent of spoilage in fish [3, 4].