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Tweet of the day Southern snipers lined up to take a pop at our game after the derby stalemate so it was great to see Chris Sutton put gobby Robbie Savage in his place.
TWEET OF THE DAY "Which one is the helpful MP and which one is the helpful guide dog?
Huddersfield storm brought two week's rain in just 15 minutes 5) Breaking: Crawshaw ran off - he had no idea of the devastation he had caused One punch to end a full life: Adrian's Smith's killer Jacob Crawshaw jailed Tweet of the day Personally I think of Kirklees as greater Huddersfield the name has no particular legitimacy Kirklees is actually in Calderdale
Pin boards will highlight events or xtures, while a large blackboard displays the pub's favourite ite tweet of the day or invites customers to vote in the poll of the day.
TWEET OF THE DAY @PaulbernalUK Straw and Rifkind are amongst the biggest supporters of mass surveillance.
Read it FROM the acclaimed hit BBC Radio 4 series comes the book version; and Tweet Of The Day by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss (Saltyard Books, priced PS25) is every bit as delightful.
Tweet of the day "The first seven names on the Brighton team sheet sound like a stag weekend roll call.
TWEET OF THE DAY "The chair reminds the room that under current geopolitical conditions we are unlikely to lose major wars due to lack of timber.
TWEET OF THE DAY @chloeingram Man at the bar: "Five packets of pork scratchings please.
Radio 4's Tweet Of The Day lasts a minute and a half and features the song of a particular bird.
The naturalist will launch Radio 4's Tweet Of The Day next month.
TWEET OF THE DAY "Incompetent clowns in power and the opposition turning into a solipsistic personality cult.