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TFCOTask Force Commanding Officer (Star Trek)
TFCOTwin Falls County (Twin Falls, ID)
TFCOThanks for Coming Out
TFCOTask Force Commander (gaming)
TFCOTask Force Coordination Office
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Bureau of Land Management to set aside its final grazing decisions for about 80 square miles (200 square kilometers) of allotments in Twin Falls County and then reissue them with terms consistent with the ruling.
Twin Falls County Is Soliciting Proposals From Qualified Consulting Firms To Provide Professional Services To Review Its Existing Comprehensive Plan Including Related Documents, Demographic Statistical Data, Future Land Use Maps, Implementation Strategies, Plans, And Policies.
The initial report from the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office said only that Hickey's parachute deployed too late.
Porter, Russell R.: 26, on a Twin Falls County warrant out of Idaho for forgery.
Twin Falls County, (25) the Idaho Supreme Court noted that the definition of "medically indigent" under Idaho Code section 31-3502 does not mirror the definition of "indigent" under other Idaho statutes.
Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs told the court Kababian was in a car when Kolestani approached the window, knocked on it with a gun, and then shot Kababian in an attack witnessed by a neighbor.
As a result of this study, the cliff chipmunk range in Idaho has been enlarged and extends from Shoshone Basin (Twin Falls County) east to Weston Canyon, Bannock Range (Franklin County) and from the southern Idaho border, north to the Cotterel Mountains (Cassia County) (Figure 3).
One of these, Twin Falls County in southern Idaho, is used as the surrogate county for the county in which the INEEL facility is located.
The increase is more noticeable in Twin Falls County.