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TCSTSTwo-Component Signal Transduction System (microbiology)
TCSTSTactical Communications Systems Technical Standard
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The vancomycin resistance VanRS two-component signal transduction system of Streptomyces coelicolor.Mol Microbiol.
A putative two-component signal transduction system regulates sigmaE, a sigma factor required for normal cell wall integrity in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2).
(ii) "Two-component signal transduction system" genes.
Among them, some members of the "two-component signal transduction system" gene group (tcsA, phkB, hk2, hk8-2, hk-8-3, and hk-8-6) (Table 2, Supplementary Table 5) are particularly interesting.
IBUN 13A strain dhaS and dhaA genes were identified, leading to the proposal of a two-component signal transduction system regulation mechanism as described previously for C.
The search for proteins homologous to the predicted dhaY, dhaS and dhaA proteins revealed the existence of domains belonging to two-component signal transduction systems with a modular design (Figure 1).
epidermidis Affected by Two-Component Signal Transduction System SaeRS.
epidermidis infection from the viewpoint of metabolic modulation dependent on two-component signal transduction system SaeRS.
epidermidis saeRS complemental strain 2-DE: Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis TCA: Tricarboxylic acid PIA: Polysaccharide intercellular adhesion TCS: Two-component signal transduction system CFU: Colony-forming unit.