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TLCBTwo-Lined Chestnut Borer (insect)
TLCBThai Licensed Customs Brokers Association (Thailand)
TLCBThe Last Chance Boyz (band)
TLCBThailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood, Inc. (Locust Grove, GA)
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Biology of two-lined chestnut borer, Agrilus bilineatus, in Pennsylvania and New York.
Another insect among the cast of oak enemies is the two-lined chestnut borer, a beetle that benefits from the same set of misfortunes for the tree.
Much more vulnerable are trees that are suppressed beneath the main canopy; under stress from drought, late frost, or injury; or situated in areas commonly impacted by the two organism usually responsible for death after defoliation - shoestring root rot (Armillaria mellea) and the two-lined chestnut borer (Agrilus billineatus).