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In the one-dimensional two-fluid model (1D TFM) the drag term plays the main role in the interfacial momentum transfer.
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In this work, the two-fluid model (TFM) is adopted to simulate bubbling fluidization.
Espinosa-Paredes, "Two-fluid model for transient analysis of slug flow in oil wells," International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol.
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Within the frame of the two-fluid model, the gas and the particles are considered as two coexisting phases that span the entire flow domain (Kartushinsky et al., 2009a, 2009b).
Moreover, the present model also shows better precision than other theoretical modeling work, such as Yang and Zhang (2005) (two-fluid model, it predicted 97% data within [+ or -]20%) and Garcia-Valladares (2006) (trans-critical [CO.sup.2] modeling, it predicted 27 experiment data points with a mean absolute deviation [MAD] of 3.6%).
It is noteworthy thatthe Euler-Lagrange approach provides acceptably accurate values for all fluid variables, including the Reynolds stresses and the mean velocities of the particles, but it considerably underpredicts their axial fluctuating component This is a typical situation that also appears in the classical two-fluid model (Issa & Oliveira,1998).
The formulations are based on a full two-fluid model. The software simultaneously solves separate conservation equations for mass, momentum, and energy for each of the phases.
Projections for fixed-tap-weight Y[Ba.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.7] striplines are made using surface resistance calculated from the theoretical two-fluid model shown in Figure 1.
This allows a large body of phenomenological theory, including the London equations and the two-fluid model,[7] to be applied to the new superconductors with a high degree of confidence but with little knowledge of the underlying mechanism (which is still in question).
[1], which is of great reference value for investigating the stability of two-fluid model, the oscillations are caused by the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KH).