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2HSecond Half (of the year)
2HTwo-handed sword (World of Warcraft gaming)
2HDraw Raffle
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On one side of the saddle hung a short battle-axe, richly inlaid with Damascene carving; on the other the rider's plumed head-piece and hood of mail, with a long two-handed sword, used by the chivalry of the period.
It could be done with a battle-axe or an old headsman's axe, or an old two-handed sword."
"But, good heavens!" cried the Duchess, almost in hysterics, "there aren't any two-handed swords and battle-axes round here."
Further on he met a sturdy black-bearded man, mounted on a brown horse, with a rosary in his right hand and a long two-handed sword jangling against his stirrup-iron.
"Go, Will Scarlet," said Robin, "thou art the strongest man here-- bring a sword straightway, and cut this box open, if thou canst." Then up rose Will Scarlet and left them, coming back in a short time, bearing a great two-handed sword. Thrice he smote that strong, ironbound box, and at the third blow it burst open and a great heap of gold came rolling forth, gleaming red in the light of the torches.
The rider sat astride of a saddle, as in the Butteridge machine, and he carried a large double-edged two-handed sword, in addition to his explosive-bullet firing rifle.
He showed her too, how the warriors, whose figures rested on the tombs, had worn those rotting scraps of armour up above--how this had been a helmet, and that a shield, and that a gauntlet--and how they had wielded the great two-handed swords, and beaten men down, with yonder iron mace.
A katana, as those of you familiar with Japanese history and boiled leather will know, is a heavy, curved two-handed sword developed during the Kamakura period of 1185-1333 (ie around lunchtime) because the previous thin tachi and chokut-style blades bounced off the boiled leather armour of those nasty Mongols.
And Knox, armed with a two-handed sword, saw himself as Wishart's bodyguard and companion.
I remember little of the fine detail, but I have a vivid memory of a magnificent two-handed sword, ornately chased and engraved.
Incredibly expensive, relentlessly bloody and visually spectacular, this souped-up sword and sandal epic hits you like a two-handed sword between the eyes.
Withers' "The Scottish Sword 1600-1945: An Illustrated History" (9781581607130, $55.00), a 252 page compendium which is beautifully illustrated in full color throughout and covers two-handed swords, English basket hilt swords, Jacobit basket hilt swords, Regulation baske hilt swords, and Nonregulaton swords of the period.