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The archives remain offline, and judging from what Tribune Media says it has planned, the "revived" TWoP doesn't sound like a return to the site's roots.
Re/code's story on the NBCU site closures (Swisher, 2014a) states that TWoP currently has three employees and that the decision to shut it and DailyCandy down is due to the fact that "there was ...
What does it mean that NBCU owns TWoP? It means that NBCU will be acting well within its rights when it evicts several dozen communities from a website that has hosted them for nearly a decade.
One of my great enjoyments of the entire GoT [Game of Thrones] series is reading the reactions, speculations and guesses of the Unsullied [unspoiled viewers] here at TWoP. And I know that thousands of GoT fans feel the same--we even have an entire thread over at dedicated to quoting and discussing the Unsullied's postings.
Another ramification of NBCU owning TWoP is this: The large archive of fan-written commentary created by that site--commentary on some of the best years in U.S.
Fortunately, the nonprofit Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), which was founded by media fans and is managed by media fans, appears to be archiving TWoP's posts for entry into its Open Doors project.
The Wall Street Journal reports that one TWoP moderator has banned users from posting any criticism of NBCU on TWoP following the announcement of the site's closure: "There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of badmouthing or denigrating our parent companies.
TWoP even recapped the movie Serenity, which was based on the failed TV show Firefly and which has both an authorized screenplay and an authorized novelization.
It might seem surprising that TWoP continues to exist, with a business model that is predicated on systematic creation of unauthorized derivative works.
Even if it is hard to fit TWoP into the formal legal category of fair use, it nonetheless deals fairly with its subjects--the recaps add significant expression, both critical and laudatory, to the original material.
When Google and TWoP profit from free content, low-protectionists (like me) have to date been relatively unconcerned about the commercialization of freely offered culture.
(159.) TWoP pins and magnets, for example, feature TWoP's Tubey television-shaped mascot, customized to fit various shows: Cigarette-Smoking Tubey for The X-Files ("I Went to Skyland Mountain and All I Got Was This Stupid Implant"), Idol Tubey for American Idol ("We Don't Accept Mediocrity, We Produce It"), Robot Tubey for Battlestar Galactica ("I Am a Toaster ...