TWRATennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
TWRAThird World Relief Agency
TWRATrans-Pacific Westbound Rate Agreement
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At the TFWCs January meeting, the commission asked the TWRA Law Enforcement Division to research the cost of equipment in regard to help with law enforcement issues surrounding CWD.
Information and records provided by the refuge and TWRA were used to construct a historical timeline of key events for employees and resident elephants.
Doug Markham, TWRA Communications Manager, also updated the commission on the agencys continued efforts to educate the public about chronic wasting disease (CWD).
We obtained a scientific collection permit from TWRA to allow for collection of black crappies <254 mm, and all captured black crappies were measured for total length (TL, mm) and weighed (g), regardless of size.
As soon as the leases are finalized in July, a special page on the TWRA website (WWW.
Here in Tennessee, the Knoxville Zoo, TWRA, The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee (TNC), and the U.
24,25) TWRA, too, announced fuel charge increases, effective January 1, only to later reverse the decision.
TWRA Waterfowl Program Coordinator Jamie Feddersen will preview the waterfowl and other migratory bird hunting seasons, including sandhill cranes, for next fall and winter to the commission.
All sampling activities were approved under TWRA Scientific Collection Permit #1990 and the University of Tennessee Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (#1653-0807).
With this in mind, Ratajczak was convinced the TWRA could come up with a sampling methodology to be used across an eight-county region in south-central Tennessee.
Gudlin said that while the future of the current program is uncertain, the TWRA is analyzing its options to form other types of cooperative agreements for the state's hunters.