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TYMURSTylenol Murders (FBI codename)
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During his 23 years in polygraph he investigated many famous cases including the Tylenol murders, John Wayne Gacy and the Gary Dotson/Cathy Webb case, among others.
Shifting from freshman year forward to 1982 and then back again, Silver Girl centers around the unusual friendship between the narrator and Jess, as well as the notorious Chicago Tylenol murders -- Jess's father's mistress dies after ingesting a tampered capsule.
The Tylenol murders challenged America's perception of packaging safety within the pharmaceutical industry.
WHEN THE INFAMOUS TYLENOL murders hit Chicago in 1982, Johnson & Johnson quickly jumped into crisis management mode.
James W Lewis was jailed for attempted extortion of $1 million - but not the actual Tylenol murders Residents hand in Tylenol from their homes to Chicago police
The remaining 16 chapters examine noted PR crisis cases including the two classics: Johnson&Johnson and the Tylenol murders (textbook example of doing everything right) and the Exon Valdez Oil Spill (the reverse).