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Caption: Figure 2: Rock type classification of K reservoir.
Cui, "Vehicle type classification using PCA with self-clustering," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshops (ICMEW '12), pp.
A study on an Indian population showed that both males (20/50) and females (28/50) had a hyperleptoprosopic face type according to the Martin and Saller face type classification (Mane et al.).
Spatial type classifications and weighted values have been evaluated using the Delphi method to fit a Korean scenario (Table 2).
(36) These commitments to and engagements with the thoughts of these Christian humanists shaped Vox's idea of humanity and, I would venture, drew him towards humanes as the term with the richest evocations that might be used in his system of type classification.
Experimental linear descriptive type classification. J.
Diffusion Tensor and Structure Type Classification. The diffusion tensor at a pixel can be represented by a Hessian matrix.
Table 1 shows cavity flow type classification accuracy of SFA, using half of the data points for training, sampled by the US and LHS techniques.
Four chapters in the first section of the book address the problem of type classification and include a typographical analysis of the Gutenberg Bible and an examination of mythologies of "the Gothic" in the context of Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.
In less than two years, the integrated product team took the program from an idea concept to "Type Classification Standard" in August 2008.
Optical water type classification approaches, based on remotely sensed water-leaving radiance, have a great potential to contribute to the study of spatial and temporal dynamics of ecologically and biogeochemically important properties of natural waters.