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TZTime Zone
TZTwilight Zone (TV show)
TZTeilzeit (German: Part Time)
TZTravel Zippy (travel website)
TZTageszeitung (Munich boulevard newspaper)
TZTime Zero (game)
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TZTransformation Zone
TZType Zero (plus a sequence number; denotes an alteration with locally procured parts)
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TZTeilzeichnung (German: Drawing of Part)
TZTekken Zaibatsu (game)
TZTactical Zone
TZTransmission Zero
TZToTaL KonFuZioN (gaming clan)
TZTuberculin Zymopastiche
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Five types of marionette lines were investigated and classified as follows: Type Zero for absence of skin folds and visible solid lines; Type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4, as the severity of the folds increased [22], as shown in Figure 3.
analysis, 2008c) Right: (0) type zero (1) type 1 (2) type 2 Left: (0) type zero (1) type 1 (2) type 2 Symmetry: (0) present (1) absent [?
type Zero speed switch comprisingof monitor and Inductive sensor as per technical specification for
If the navy knew that war in the Pacific meant dealing with Japan's vaunted Mitsubishi A6M2 Type Zero (also known to American pilots by its codename, Zeke), it did not discover just how dangerous that fighter was until the United States entered the conflict in December 1941.
s;(r,q)),A] (E)]', with A [member of] (0, +[infinity]] and k [member of [1, +[infinity], is said to be of type zero if it is also in [[Exp.
s;(r,q)),0,B] (E)]', with B [member of] [0, +[infinity]], is said to be of type zero if it is also in [[Exp.
Release date- 28112009 - JUN Machine Shop has added the Type Zero as the new profile of camshaft for Honda Civic Type-R (FD2/K20A).
A Type Zero civilization is like a spoiled child," explains theoretical physicist and author Michio Kaku, "unable to control its self-destructive temper tantrums and outbursts.
This latest line comprises: two automatic row distributing systems, with the second having a refeed facility; a high speed wrapping leg, with electronic in-line infeed and servo-driven wrapper, type Zero 9; a secondary multipacking machine, type Zero 5, fed by the latest Cavanna horizontal racetrack, type HMC; and a bypass facility to feed unwrapped products to the multipack machine.
It stands to reason that a Type Zero estimate is worth about as much as it costs.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Non Contact Type Zero Speed Switch Comprising Of Monitor And Inductive Sensor As Per Technical Specification For Augmentation Of Fuel Flux Crushing Facilities Pkg-064 Bsp Bhilai
Tenders are invited for Providing intermediate 66kV B+3 type Zero angle deviated DC Kalpatharu design make tower to maintain Ground Clearance of the existing 66 kV Udayapura - Bagur - Sathenahalli double circuit line at Udayapura limits, Channarayapatna Thaluk, Hassan District, Karnataka State on Total Turnkey Basis