U-2U-2 Reconnaissance aircraft
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Lt Col Bishop's story of flying "The Lady" (as the U-2 is referred to) is framed by his extensive background in military and civilian aviation, extending from flying as an Army warrant officer pilot in Viet Nam to a command pilot in KC-135s and U-2s.
It happened when a United States U-2 spy plane was shot down while in Soviet airspace.
Ross, from Lenoir, North Carolina, USA, added: "What fascinates me most about aerial photography, especially from the U-2, is the reaction it gets from other people.
Catich will discuss his initial naval flying career, flying the U-2 spy plane and detail the plane and its missions.
The U-2 is a versatile, ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft that is used for intelligence gathering, research and communication purposes.
For example, should I focus on the U-2's mechanical and utilization evolution, good and bad?
Rick Bishop, a former U-2 pilot, takes the reader deep into the Black World of 'air-breathing' (non-satellite) reconnaissance, with a revealing and detailed account of the trials and challenges of flying a machine widely acknowledged as 'the most dangerous aircraft in the world', as well as revealing the personalities and adventures of some of the elite cadre of hand-selected pilots who have the right stuff to tame the Dragon Lady.
The U-2 was designed by the legendary Kelly Johnson, known for designing the U.S.'s first operational jet fighter (P-80 Shooting Star) and would later design the SR-71 Blackbird along with over 40 other airframes during his time as head of Lockheed Martin's advanced development programs, also known as Skunk Works.
"In the past few days, our forces at Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base warned a US U-2 spy plane which sought to violate Iran's airspace and it was forced to change its direction," General Esmayeeli said addressing a gathering near Tehran on Saturday.
"I am confident that the U-2 squadrons here and the U-2 squadrons around the world are going to come off the mat stronger than they were before."
Dively was one of the U-2 program's most experienced and gifted pilots, no way he could have crashed, right?