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While the gas enriched U-235 is fed to the converter of the next stage after compression, the depleted residue flows to the compressor of the preceding stage.
Iran openly has enriched uranium to 20% U-235 at this underground site.
In addition, the president contended that the administration's latest calculations indicated that supplies of U-235 would be sufficient (Cochran, Felverson, and von Hippel 2009).
While U-235 has a half-life of 703 million years, a typical piece of nuclear fuel isn't entirely made of that.
Since mined uranium is less than 1% U235, it must undergo expensive and energy-intensive enrichment to reach the concentration of U-235 needed for LWR fuel.
7% U-235; U-235 must be concentrated, or "enriched.
The splitting of a U-235 atom is caused by the addition of an extra neutron.
Sanders explains, "Depleted uranium is essentially U-238, the isotope after the fissionable isotope, U-235, has been extracted from uranium ore.
While civilian reactor fuel does not contain enough U-235 to make a bomb and the unseparated plutonium found in used reactor fuel cannot be used to make an explosive without considerable reprocessing, civilian uranium enrichment and plutonium production programs can be used to make weapon-grade fissile material.
Sampson and his teammates won in the category of sampling systems and monitors for Nuclear Material Solution Assay System, which nondestructively determines the amount of fissionable U-235 in small samples of solutions by measuring the emitted gamma rays.
Then, the centrifuge throws the heavier U-238 atoms towards the wall, letting the rare U-235 ones accumulate near the centre.