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U-BahnUntergrundbahn (German: Subway)
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Foster's exterior of aluminium-copper alloy, a contemporary rendition of the original villa's yellow-orange hue, is extended into the immediate urban context by a series of 10 illuminated golden stelae on the museum plaza created by Dan Flavin in 1994 to forge a connection between the Lenbachhaus and the Kunstbau, a large underground exhibition space that opened in a disused tunnel above the adjacent U-Bahn station that year.
The U-Bahn is the biggest underground system in Germany.
Thanks to our perfectly placed hostel, Plus Berlin, right by the main Warschauer Strasse U-Bahn (underground) and S-Bahn (suburban) stations, we could get to anywhere we wanted to go in the city with day tickets costing about six euros.
Grab a snack and coffee in one of dozens of cafes in the Naschmarkt, an open-air market stretching between the Karlsplatz and Kettenbrueckengasse U-bahn stations.
As we hurry to catch the U-Bahn or S-Bahn we often come face-to-face with a plaque or memorial to the victims who were deported from our specific location.
Just outside the city, reachable by the U-Bahn underground system, is the massive Grunewald Forest, home to several lakes where you can swim, cycle and walk to your heart's content.
The show was a bit smaller from the exhibit side - which is not to say it wasn't still huge - but veterans will recall when the U-Bahn stopped at both entrances of the massive New Munich Trade Fair Center.
The early passages quickly intro the quartet of city spelunkers eager to plunge into Berlin's vast underground system of tunnels and constructions far below the U-Bahn subways.
In January of last year, as workers dug a new U-Bahn station near the city hall, they uncovered a bronze figure, not ancient but modern, a bust of a woman by an obscure artist named Edwin Scharff.
The sizzling movie - shot on the U-Bahn underground railway in Vienna, Austria - shows the pair romping on the seats while commuters queue up to watch and film them.
AS a young girl travelling with her parents in Berlin, Tatiana witnesses Adolf Hitler on the U-Bahn.
99) As a young girl in Berlin, Tatiana witnesses Adolf Hitler on the U-Bahn.