U-MUniversity of Michigan (also seen as UM)
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Working with experts from several institutions including Harvard University, where SRS microscopy was developed, to the U-M team uses SRS microscopes to image brain tissue from neurosurgical patients.
The potential of this technology is truly transformative, opening up broad opportunities in the emerging marketplace," said Peter Sweatman, director of the MTC and the U-M Transportation Research Institute.
According to Condon, the U-M program required the capstone project to be designed to tackle a problem, or part of a problem, that has not yet been addressed adequately, or take a new approach to a problem that has already been addressed.
The Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute develops, coordinates and promotes multidisciplinary energy research and education at the U-M.
The Survival Flight team consisted of two surgeons and two donor specialists from the U-M Health System and two pilots who regularly flew the team to recover organs from a donor.
Kettering University, Lawrence Technological University, Oakland University, Wayne State University and U-M are all conducting significant research in this hot topic.
associate professor of psychiatry and radiology at the U-M Medical School and associate research scientist at U-M's Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (MBNI).
In recognition of the power of the gift to elevate the school's aspirations and realize its ambitious vision, the U-M Board of Regents met in a special session today to rename the school the Stephen M.
According to U-M, the students collected waste grease from deep fryers in the West Quad cafeteria and mixed it in a tank with potassium hydroxide and methanol to create a reaction that produced a glycerine and fatty acid methyl ester solution.
The U-M ERC--a National Science Foundation (NSF) engineering research center-is one of four ERCs selected in a competitive merit review sanctioned by the NSF from among 116 candidates during FY 1996.
By coordinating administration of our drug plan with a PBM, the University saves money on its net drug plan costs, which helps control costs for the U-M drug plan members," says Keith Bruhnsen, University of Michigan Benefits Office Assistant Director and Drug Plan Manager.
Punch was joined by U-M Transplant Center nurse Lynn Reid, R.