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U-NIIUnlicensed National Information Infrastructure (bandwidth for wireless LAN Networks by FCC 5.15-5.35 GHz and 5.75-5.825 GHz)
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The ability of DFS to detect and avoid TDWRs was demonstrated in field tests in a controlled environment with a limited sample of U-NII devices (Carroll et al.
In 2012 Congress passed "Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act", in which section 6406(b)(1) required the NTIA in consultation with the Department of Defense and other impacted agencies, to conduct a study evaluating known and proposed spectrum-sharing technologies and the risk to federal users if the FCC allowed U-NII devices to operate in the 5350-5470 MHz and 5850-5925 MHz bands.
The U-NII Order and the DTV Orders push in diametrically opposite directions.
825' GHz GaAs MMIC U-NII band power amplifier that provides 22 dB of gain and +28.
Currently, manufacturers of outdoor U-NII equipment are unable to certify new equipment that operates between 5.
The ATLAS Series is configured to support up to 24 non-overlapping channels across the U-NII and ISM bands.
8 GHz ISM band, this product consumes one-half the power of comparable U-NII band products, while producing twice as much transmit power.
Until now, most DS3 radios operated in the U-NII band, which restricts power that a transmitter unit can produce, limiting effective link distances to 15 miles.
The Motorola Canopy Wireless broadband platform operates in the unlicensed 5GHz U-NII band, eliminating the need for spectrum acquisition or site licensing.
The devices demonstrate exceptional linearity at frequencies from cellular bands through U-NII band (5.