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U-boatUntersee boot (German, undersea boat (submarine))
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According to the official version, when, on October 30, 1942, the U-559 was depth-charged to the surface by HMS Petard on the convoy route from Port Said, Egypt, to Haifa, Palestine, the British destroyer's 35-yearold Lt-Commander Mark Thornton mounted an orderly snatch operation: he took Petard alongside the U-boat so that his men could jump onto the German vessel.
At last Fasson and Grazier were making their way up the ladder when the U-Boat lurched and slipped suddenly below the waves.
U-boats sank almost 5,000 ships carrying 13 million tons of cargo.
HMS Petard located U-Boat U-559, below, and forced it to the surface
Those narratives alone are well worth a serious reading of Dubbs's wartime U-boat operations.
Signalman Milton Cheyne, an 18-year-old native of Montreal, fired two white rockets to illuminate and expose the U-boat.
Both the battle and Offley's book culminate with the sinking of U-701, a Type VIIC U-boat skippered by Lieutenant Horst Degen.
Lockington was hailed a war hero for trying to take on the U-boat while being shot at and shelled.
Lockington, who hailed from Northamptonshire, was hailed a war hero for trying to take on the U-boat while being shot at and shelled.
30am on Sunday, February 28, 1915, as the collier commanded by Capt Bell, SS Thordis, was steaming down the English Channel when the periscope of a U-boat was sighted off the starboard side.
The U-boat force attempted to regain the initiative for the remainder of the war but never again seriously threatened the vital shipping to Great Britain.
THE wreck of a Nazi U-boat, with skeletons of its crew still on board, has been found 69 years after it was sunk.