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U-boatUntersee boot (German, undersea boat (submarine))
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Visitors are invited to play the periscope game, crack the Enigma code, discover how a U-boat ascends and descends in water, and take on the role of a hydrophone operator who had the daunting task of identifying sounds of the sea.
This conferred the factor of strategic surprise for the Germans, since to that point U-boat sorties by the High Seas Fleet had been limited to their small coastline between the Netherlands and Denmark.
the attack doomed the U-533 u-boat to the gulf of oman seabed for 66 years
The U-boats appeared to be extremely vulnerable to aerial attack, but the Allies had not yet found the proper strategy to fight the U-boat menace.
One of the commanders here was Wolfgang Frank, the journalist subsequently famous for his books on the U-boat war.
Editor's Note: According to the Web site u-boat.net and other sources, the German U-Boat, U-505, was captured by a U.S.
The slow-moving K-74 was an easy target for anti-aircraft fire from the U-boat, but the airship returned fire with its guns, and the blimp's momentum carried it directly over the U-boat.
At the beginning of each chapter, Blair plots the major developments in the course of the Second World War, describes new technologies and outlines planned U-boat and Allied naval operations.
In those anxious days, German U-boats stalked the country's coastlines awaiting the unsuspecting freighter or tanker.
Bauer tries to provide context in interviews with the women the men have left behind as well as some U-boat vets from WWII, but 50-year-old B&W propaganda footage simply underscores how dull the present trip is.
A comprehensive history of Hitler's U-boat war would appeal to all who are interested in the Atlantic convoys, in which so many New Zealanders were involved either in temporary service for the Royal Navy or as members of the Merchant Navy.
Steps to unlock the secrets of the Lusitania will begin next month when divers investigate the wreck of the giant liner torpedoed off the Cork coast by a U-boat during the First World War.