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U2FUniversal 2nd Factor (security standard)
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This year, we see Okta add FIDO U2F support to the platform.
Additionally at Oktane, Yubico will demonstrate the simplicity of U2F authentication across other services like Google, Dropbox, GitHub, over NFC-enabled mobile devices, and federated login.
For more information and to learn more about YubiKeys and FIDO U2F.
This is the first government service in the world to make support for simple and strong FIDO U2F authenticators.
UK citizens can easily purchase a FIDO U2F device online and register it with Digidentity, says Marcel Wendt, Digidentity CTO and co-founder.
To authenticate to GOV.UK Verify using Digidentity with FIDO U2F, the user inserts a U2F YubiKey device into their computers USB port, and then touches the device.
YubiKeys with FIDO U2F support are available (starting from 13/$18) at Amazon.com or from the Yubico Store.
NXP's security expertise has helped shape FIDO U2F since its inception, said Sam Srinivas, Chair of FIDO U2F working group and Product Management Director, Information Security, at Google.
FIDO U2F Security Key manufacturers can benefit from NXP s U2F secure element solution using the A7 Secure Microcontroller Series which are EAL 5+ certified, physically tamper and side channel attack resistant.
Today, through the FIDO U2F authentication protocol, secure element ICs bring a new level of security to user authentication for enterprise networks and consumer cloud services.