U2RUser to Root (hacking)
U2RU-2 Reconnaissance aircraft
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Table 3: TUIDS Intrusion Datasets Data sets Connection Data set type Type Training Testing Packet Level Normal 35043 27895 Attack 397832 138370 Total 432875 166265 Flow Level Normal 36402 16770 Attack 363729 123955 Total 400131 140725 Portscan Normal 2445 1300 Attack 39215 28615 Total 41660 29915 Table 4: KDD Cup 1999 datasets Data sets DoS U2R R2L Probe Normal Total Corrected 229853 70 16347 4166 60593 311029 KDD 10 percent 391458 52 1126 4107 97278 494021 KDD Table 5: NSL-KDD datasets Data sets DoS U2R R2L Probe Norneal Total [KDDTrain.
To be eligible, foreign scientists must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) at least 2 years of research training experience under an FIC-supported training grant (classified by the D43 and U2R mechanisms); 2) 1 year of such D43 or U2R training experience coupled with 1 year of significant, well-documented, mentored research experience (e.
All such training and research must either have been done in the United States or have been part of in-country research associated with a degree or mentored postdoctoral research under the D43 or U2R award mechanism and completed within 4 years of the receipt date of this announcement.
In addition, the NIH D43 research training and capacity building and the U2R cooperative agreement grant mechanisms allow hundreds of foreign researchers to receive training at prominent institutions in both the United States and their home countries in a range of biomedical and behavioral research areas critical to advancing global health.
And developed honey pot for intrusive behavior analysis, misuse and some attacking such as probe, DoS, DDoS, R2L (remote to local), U2R (User to Root), evading IDS are performed.