UACCUniversity Advising and Career Center (University of New Hampshire; Durham, NH)
UACCUniversal Access Authority
UACCUnited Armenian Congregational Church
UACCUniversal Access
UACCUniversal Autograph Collectors Club
UACCUpper Area Control Center
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The platform will support and organize campaigns for women's awareness about cervical cancer while UACC will send women a wakeup call about the risks of the disease and to help them take mandatory measures to reduce personal risk factors and their personal protection of developing disease as awareness is the first step in the prevention of the disease.
This finance will greatly aid UACC in their expansion strategy," he added.
A spokesman for the UACC said buyers should look for a Certificate of Authorisation (COA) or Letter of Authorisation (LOA).
On February 2, 2011, UPFC's wholly-owned subsidiary, United Auto Credit Corporation ("UACC"), completed negotiations and entered into a transaction with UBS pursuant to which UACC may borrow up to $50 million against receivables that are specifically pledged to the facility as collateral.
On October 28, 2010, UACC entered into a transaction with Wells Fargo Preferred Capital, Inc.
UACC Eagle Oil Tanker Not Provided -- 28/10/15 12:50 -
Santander") pursuant to which UACC transferred and sold to Santander the servicing rights and residual interests in its outstanding securitization transactions.
As part of these transactions and related restructurings, UACC ceased servicing activities in 10 of the 11 branches that remained open as of March 31, 2010.
UACC Eagle Alpine 28/10/15 Not Shced 55,000 Mogas Nil
Our automobile financing unit, UACC, continues to grow at over 30% while at the same time experiencing substantial operational improvement; both charge-offs and delinquencies (plus total repossessions) have declined from last year," said Guillermo Bron, Chairman.