UACIUnited Artists Communications Inc. (movie theater operator)
UACIUnited Assemblies of Christ International
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From the comparison, our algorithm presents better performance in NPCR and UACI measurements.
The comparison of key space is shown in Table 5 and the NPCR and UACI between Figures 37(a) and 37(b)-37(f) are calculated in Table 6.
The second criterion, UACI, is used to measure the average intensity of differences between the two images.
El algoritmo propuesto se ejecuto en un equipo Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M, 2.30GHz CPU; los resultados de su desempeno y la comparacion con los resultados obtenidos en [5], [8] y [15] se resumen en las tablas V y VI; como se puede ver el algoritmo propuesto presenta desempenos muy similares a los presentados en las referencias consideradas en los indicadores UACI, NPCR y la entropia, logra mejores coeficientes de correlacion entre pixeles adyacentes y un buen desempeno en velocidad de ejecucion.
The number of pixels change rate (NPCR) and the unified average changing intensity (UACI) are two important metrics for differential attack analysis.
They have obtained the closest entropy of decrypted image (DI) to that of original image listed in Table 1, the least MSE, the largest PSNR, the maximum cross correlation coefficient between original and decrypted images, and the least value for UACI. The elapsed time has been minimum in case of the first proposed DWT based technique.
The ideal expectations of NPCR and UACI can be calculated by the following simplified formulas:
Of our scheme, the NPCR is more than 99% and the UACI is more than 33%, which proves that the proposed scheme is sensitive.
UACI = [1/[[M.sub.1] x [M.sub.2]]][summation over (i,j)][[absolute value of ([c.sub.1](i,j) - [c.sub.2](i,j))]/255] x 100%, (8)
Jefe(a) Unidad de Adquisiciones y Contrataciones Institucional (UACI).
(Tomado de las paginas 12 y 13 de La palabra de los ancianos, UACI de la Universidad de Guadalajara, 2007; se puede consultar con formato electronico en la pagina web:
To test the influence of one-pixel change on the plainimage, encrypted by the proposed ECBFSC, two common measures may be used: Number of Pixels Change Rate (NPCR) and Unified Average Changing Intensity (UACI).