UACTEUniversal Automatic Control and Test Equipment
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ACTE Involvement: National, State and Local Involvement: State ACTE Activities (Utah): Organized Work-Based Learning Division 1998; Work-Based Learning President (1998-2000); Work-Based Learning Past President (2001); Work-Based Learning Secretary (2002); Guidance Division Representative (2004); Guidance Division Treasurer 2005; UACTE Awards Chair (2001-Present)
State (UACTE)--Executive Secretary (2001-2003); UACTE President (2000-2001); President Utah School Counselor Assn (1996-1997, 1998-1999); Presenter Informed Career Decision Making--Women and Work; ASCA Leadership Development Institute; ASCA Advocacy and Public Policy Seminar; Counselor of the Year, Utah School Counselor Assn (1998); Presenter on Women and Workplace Issues, Comprehensive Guidance and Career Activities
She is still very much involved at the state level, as she serves on the Select Committee for Comprehensive Guidance and on the governing boards for UACTE and USCA.
USOE's Summer Conference planning committee (1993) and hosted the annual UACTE, USOE and USHE breakfast.