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UADUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan (Indonesian: Ahmad Dahlan University)
UADUniform Appraisal Dataset (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
UADUnit Authorization Document
UADUnited Action for Democracy
UADUnit Audit Dalam (Malay: Internal Audit Unit)
UADUniversity of Abertay Dundee (Scotland)
UADUser Access Device
UADUnion pour l’Alternance Démocratique (French: Union for Democratic Changeover, Djibouti)
UADUnder Agreement Dated
UADUtah Association for the Deaf
UADUnattended Death
UADUnder-Aged Drinking
UADUniversal Audio Digital
UADUse as Directed (medication)
UADUterine Artery Doppler (obstetrics)
UADUpdated Authorization Document
UADUnmanned Attack Drone
UADUnifying Action Declaration (mission and vision statements)
UADUnloading Auger Drive
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Low frequency vibration assisted (LFVAD) drilling is a hybrid machining method where auxiliary low frequency oscillations are superimposed to the drilling tool, just like is the case with UAD, external excitations may be applied either to the tool, to the workpiece or both.
UAD Nikaragua kararinda, "silahli saldiri" olarak nitelendirilmeyen eylemlere karsi devletlerin kollektif mesru mudafaa hakkinin bulunmadigi tespiti yapilmistir.
Esta fragmentacion resulta evidente en las superficies vestibulares y linguales donde la UAD morfologicamente es menos festoneada, en los bordes incisales y vertices cuspideos por la atricion y en la region cervical ante el cambio direccion y menor longitud de los prismas de esmalte por abfraccion (69).
Este proceso secuencial y de crecimiento longitudinal y progresivo, que se inicia desde la UAD y termina en la superficie del esmalte, se encuentra mediado por la presencia de amelogenina (componente estructural de la matriz durante su fase secretora), que promueve la aglutinacion de los cristales de hidroxiapatita, los cuales constituiran, una vez maduros, el 96% de la composicion total del esmalte correspondiente a la fase inorganica o mineral.
Therefore, possible outcomes of the method and features of UAD have been emphasized with a case study, at the Izmir historic city centre.
You'll see on the ILS approach plate that passing UAD on the glideslope, you'll be at 3987, which is about 3900 feet over the airport.
The UAD comes on the heels of previous legislation that many insiders have perceived as detrimental to the residential appraisal industry, such as the federal Home Valuation Code of Conduct.
Para alcanzar la mayor representatividad posible se utilizo un muestreo por cuotas, segun UAD y tipo programa.
He said that the visit of Musharraf is of personal nature but his old friends in Pakistan would hold meetings with him here, adding, he will stay in UAD for six or seven days and after that he will leave back for London.
2006) demonstrated that UAD and bronchitis (as well as pneumonia and asthma) are particularly likely to be exacerbated by aerosolized brevetoxins.
La segunda denuncia, interpuesta por la UAD el 15 de enero pasado, a traves de su presidente Angel Perez de la Fuente, parte del mismo hecho irregular: "Se pagaron 2 millones 300 mil dolares mas por esta aeronave usada".
With the rising tensions between PAD supporters and UAD across the country, many including our hotel discouraged us from taking such an extreme step.