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UADUniversal Audio Digital
UADUse as Directed (medication)
UADUterine Artery Doppler (obstetrics)
UADUpdated Authorization Document
UADUnifying Action Declaration (mission and vision statements)
UADUnmanned Attack Drone
UADUnloading Auger Drive
UADUniversity of Abertay Dundee (Scotland)
UADUtah Association for the Deaf
UADUnder-Aged Drinking
UADUnited Action for Democracy
UADUnder Agreement Dated
UADUniform Appraisal Dataset (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
UADUnattended Death
UADUser Access Device
UADUnion pour l’Alternance Démocratique (French: Union for Democratic Changeover, Djibouti)
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The UAD comes on the heels of previous legislation that many insiders have perceived as detrimental to the residential appraisal industry, such as the federal Home Valuation Code of Conduct.
15 logarithm of the daily average visits per week to SMH ED for bronchitis and UAD (visits) [HAB.
Also, the residents often use rooms in unconventional ways, changing them to fit the family in ways that are not under UAD.
Although the precise methodology will not suit every town, it demonstrates very clearly how important it is for the many UAD programmes to move into and complete their assessment and publication phases.
Biggest liability issues that appraisers face Confusing regulations (USPAP, UAD, etc.
Other features include: automated appraiser assignment based on bank business rules, UAD and best practices rules checking, ASC and FHA license validation, and complete logging and audit trail tracking.
6 mm in the reach of B3 bend to NP 141 in IB stream, in the reach of B2 to NP 141 in ID stream, from B1 bend to B4 in IID Stream and ash water recovery line from AHPH to B1 bend by dismantling the idle MS ERW pipes in the reach of NP 141 to UAD in IA, IIA & IIC stream
Previous to UAD, various interpretations and responses existed on key fields of the appraisal--i.
Would appraisers benefit from having access to information found in the UAD or would access pose a risk to the integrity of the appraisal process?
The UCDP and UAD are two of several initiatives within the GSEs' Uniform Mortgage Data Program, an ongoing effort to enhance uniform appraisal and other loan delivery standards for the mortgage industry.
Tenders are invited for MTPS I - CM Dn II - Maintenance of Ash dyke by removal of Weeds & Bushes excavating and disposing of wet ash including deepening of leading channel for draining the ash slurry water towards the LAD / UAD shafts at MTPS for the period from11.