UADSLUniversal Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
UADSLUniversal Adsl
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UADSL is faster than both ISDN and 56K modems, allowing users to download information from the Internet at speeds of 1.5 megabits per second, equating to 25 times faster than a standard 56K modem, and 12 times faster than an ISDN connection.
While ADSL pricing surely will eventually come down, there is hesitancy from some end users to switch to ADSL when universal ADSL (UADSL)--a simplified, open, interoperable, more cost-effective version of ADSL also known as "G.Lite," should be available by July.
The consumer market is poised to change dramatically in 1999, in part because of the G992 standard for UADSL established in October 1998.