UADYUniversidad Autonoma de Yucatan (State University of Yucatan, Mexico)
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We are grateful to to Gabriel Alvarado Cardenas and Hector Rubio Zapata of the UADY for their invaluable contributions to this research, as well as to Fernando Aguilar Ayala, Ruben Herrera Atoche and Mauricio Escoffie Ramirez, current Dean and authorities of the School of Dentistry (UADY) for facilitating the investigation.
This research was funded by the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) with resources from the Parasitology Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Regional Research Center "Hideyo Noguchi" UADY.
Plant material was authenticated by Salvador Flores Guido, PhD, from the Botany Department of Facultad de Veterinaria y Zootecnia of Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY).
Adult ticks were collected from dogs and deposited in plastic containers with 70% ethanol and the tick identification [31] was conducted in the Parasitology Laboratory at the Veterinary Medicine School, UADY, Yucatan, Mexico.