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UAGUniversidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (México)
UAGUnified Access Gateway (Microsoft Corp.)
UAGUniversité des Antilles et de La Guyane (French: University of West Indies and Guiana)
UAGUnited Auto Group, Inc
UAGUne Autre Gauche (French: The Other Left)
UAGUpper Atmosphere Geophysics
UAGUnion Africaine de Gymnastique (French: African Union Gymnastics)
UAGUser Advocacy Group
UAGUniversity of the French Antilles and Guyana
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Furthermore, UAG is currently in the process of active negotiations with two airlines to serve Kutaisi International Airport.
Added Kohli Mavenir's UAG is a critical component in the operator's migration strategy to IMS with the aim of retiring the CS core network.
UAG gives administrators expanded options for managing Microsoft's new DirectAccess always on VPN feature in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
UAG, which is technology Microsoft acquired when it bought Whale Communications, supports remote access for PCs and mobile devices.
Normally, when a mutation that results in a new UAG codon occurs in a protein-coding sequence, the cell doesn't complete the corresponding protein.
Provides seamless integration with UAG without compromising any of the UAG security controls
Kate Aleksidze, CEO of UAG said: "The market for air travel in Georgia and the surrounding region is currently one of the fastest growing in the world.
4 Forefront UAG Server 2010 - license on two servers;
On Monday, UAG signed a partnership agreement with Sojitz, a Japanese power project coordinator, and KOMIPO, a Korean utility company, that will see the development of the US$150 million (N$1 billion) Luderitz Wind Power Project.
UAG had operated the Ford dealerships as Landers Ford and Landers Ford North.
2 seed in Group B, which will be determined today after another doubleheader featuring Morelia against UAG at 6 p.
Tickers featured: ABG, AN, GPI, KMX, LAD, SAH, UAG.