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As a result, they hastily fossilized lang uage so that they might develop their own notion of intuitivist objectivism.
I was also struck by the coded lang uage. For example, the translator tells the reader in a footnote that "traveling without business" is a euphemism fox being a political prisoner" and therefore a friend to the narrator, and "away on business" means that "the man is a soldier at the frontier" and therefore her enemy.
Embalmed in lang uage, even the horror of the cut throat is transcended by a medico-aesthetic attraction that draws us into the wound and the body itself: The head lifts, the chin is a visor raised above the vent of his slashed throat that has tanned and toughened.
The influence of policy specialists is greater with staff members who need specific recommendations and technical assistance in drafting legislative lang uage.
The first woman, an older secretary with seniority and organizational connections, was chosen over a younger candidate with superior lang uage skills but who lacked the "guanxi" or relationships that are built up over time and fall within the context of a Confucian hierarchy (Hsu, 1981).
This distinction may correlate with the two conflicting derivations of [LANG UAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the sharp point of the poik-group and the suppleness of the plek-group.
Rather than attempting to force others into agreeing with any listing, we decided in the end that this list would represent the personal conclusions of Langlois (the French language list) and Hiller (the English lang uage list) based on the feedback received.
Projects have included illustrated books of original poems, a children's book, paintings, an original play with parts for all to perform, a cycle of original songs on Jewish holidays, musical performances, preparation and presentation of food, and papers on the lang uage, on folk tales, and on proverbs in relation to traditional Jewish sources.
We must not overlook the problem that Giorgione, a creative self-fashioner herself, fails to generate a lang uage or position outside of domesticity that affords her subjectivity.
Such notations help identify quickly the content of the broadsheet and are especially helpful for those whose knowledge of the lang uage involved would mean a lengthy study just to identify the content.
Lacking their humanist faith in selfhood and lang uage and rejecting their romance of an alternative space, Burroughs's epistolary-based critique runs counter to the Beats' own countereconomy.