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UAHUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
UAHUkrainian Hryvnia (ISO currency code, aka: Grivna)
UAHUniversidad Alberto Hurtado (Spanish: Alberto Hurtado University; Chile)
UAHUniversidad de Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
UAHUniversity of Alberta Hospital
UAHUrban Aboriginal Homelessness (Canada)
UAHUgly As Hell
UAHUrsus Arctos Horribilis (Grizzly bear)
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Right to from Council for accreditation rest with the HEC Islamabad, but Director General Health in the Ministry of Health is in the process to replace UAH Act 1965 to amend independent two Councils as Eastern Medicine and UAH in Act 2018.
The RSS data suggests 2014 was even colder than the UAH satellite data set showed it to be, putting last year between the sixth and seventh warmest years in the satellite record.
Until the packaging and integration work is funded, the testing equipment resides on the corner of a workbench in a lab in the UAH Optics Building.
While some activities have changed over the years, UAH still works to increase and secure funding for those agencies on the state level.
7 billion UAH, and their part in the bank credit and investment portfolio was 85.
Getting the IMF loan could significantly on the exchange rate of UAH against the dollar or the euro is not affected.
Johnson, a specialist in cell biology and nutritional physiology, ran the UAH chapter.
UAH has chosen the second of these options, in part because it helps us to serve the different needs of students in professional schools--especially engineering--as well as those in arts and sciences disciplines.
In the past 25 years Costa Rica's cloud base has risen, according to UAH researchers.
Deseamos expresar publicamente y con claridad que nuestro paso por la UAH fue una experiencia formativa que no solo ha marcado nuestras carreras profesionales, sino tambien nuestras formas de relacionarnos con los demas.
Summary: GenCo Zakhidenergo (ZAEN) attracted UAH 254mn (US$ 32mn) in loans from Oschadbank EoACAo two UAH 100mn (US$ 13mn) credit lines and a UAH 54mn (US$ 7mn) overdraft
Ukraine managed to raise UAH 734mn at the yesterday's auction with the bulk of the funds coming from the issue of Euro-2012 3 year bonds (UAH 707mn).