UAHCUnion of American Hebrew Congregations
UAHCUnited American Healthcare Corporation (est. 1985)
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Managing an academic department in UAHC is now a nightmare, and it has functioned in crisis mode for the past 10 years.
The UAHC Task Force on Gay and Lesbian Inclusion was formed precisely because of the work that is still needed to change both personal attitudes and congregational policy, so that gay and lesbian Jews can feel fully accepted as individuals and as couples.
By maintaining a clear focus on our strategic objectives, UAHC has emerged stronger and firmly committed to successfully integrating the Pulse acquisition and driving our future results.
David Friedman CCD, is the director of UAHC Eisner Camp and the Greater New York Council of Reform Synagogues youth programs.
Fife was elected to the UAHC Board at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on Sept.
One of the "Benderly Boys," a cohort of influential, progressive educators trained by the Jewish educational pioneer Samson Benderly, Gamoran accepted the directorship of the CJE after persistent wooing by the secretary of the UAHC, Rabbi George Zepin.
Rifat Sonsino and Daniel Syme, Finding God: Ten Jewish Responses (New York: UAHC Press, 1986), p.
In 1873, at the foundational meeting of the UAHC, for example, distiller Julius Freiberg, then president of that city's Congregation Bene Israel, addressed the delegates with words of welcome.
39] The resolution was not debated or voted upon due to a lack of time and is scheduled to be dealt with by the UAHC Executive Board in Summer 2000.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- United American Healthcare Corporation (OTCQB: UAHC) today announced that the Circuit Court of Wayne County (Michigan) has denied the preliminary injunction brought by Strategic Turnaround Equity Partners, LP (Cayman) and UAHC dissident director Bruce Galloway.
Unlike Lichtenstein, Clifton Harby Levy, the founder of a Centre of Jewish Science in New York, remained more connected with the Reform movement, lecturing frequently at UAHC congregations that were interested in his message.
In 1996, when I became the Director of the Department of Adult Jewish Growth of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, one of my new responsibilities was to assume the direction of the annual Kallah programs of the UAHC.