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He built the Hebrew Union College to train American rabbis and created the UAHC as a forum for traditional and reform-minded rabbis and congregations to air and resolve their differences.
Some changes, however, were artificial and detrimental to the UAHC. The forced separation of primary, tertiary and secondary health care services resulted in the downgrading and downsizing of Pelonomi Hospital to a 'level 2 plus' hospital.
Rabbi Alexander Schindler, former President of the UAHC, responded to the platform's first draft by stating that the language used in it was not inclusive enough.
(NASDAQ: UAHC), a Detroit-based healthcare company that provides healthcare management and consulting services, is still bouncing back from a major drop in revenues--from $178 million in 2002 to $22.6 million in 2003.
Although the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ), then the Union of American Hebrew Congregations UAHC), did in fact adopt a policy reflecting that position, what does it mean that, as Kaplan reports, it is routinely ignored in many Reform congregations and presumably by their Reform rabbis?
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He also chairs the committee for congregational benefits and services for the UAHC and serves on the national board.
In 1973, the year the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder, a newly-formed congregation for lesbian and gay Jews was accepted into membership in the UAHC. Since that time, over 60 lesbian and gay outreach congregations have been formed, some of which have also affiliated with the UAHC.
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In 1873, for instance, B'nai Sholom became the fourth congregation to join the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) and it was served by prominent Reform rabbis.