UAHSUpper Arlington High School (Ohio)
UAHSUlster Architectural Heritage Society (UK)
UAHSUrrbrae Agricultural High School (Australia)
UAHSUnderground Automated Highway System (transportation concept)
UAHSUnited Aboriginal Housing Society (Canada)
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Following the fire quilt's donation to the UAHS, the society wondered--did this quilt have a similar story?
Due to a clerical error, the family name was misspelled in the Huron County records as "McDonald." The story of their ordeal during the 1881 fire had not been shared with the existing McDonall (now registered as "McDonald") relatives, so all the UAHS discovered regarding the family's history is that Joseph, Elizabeth, and the children survived.
[2] Department of Agronomy, UAHS, Shimoga--577204, India.
[3] Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, UAHS, Shivamogga--577 204, India.
The society campaigned heavily for notable buildings to be salvaged and restored, and in 1974 the GOH was among the first spate of buildings to be listed, with the UAHS drawing attention to the "intrinsic merit of the interior of the building and also the importance of preserving an amenity of this nature for the benefit of the community in Northern Ireland" [UAHS 29 March 74].
Even when the coalition forces were just moving through a village, it had a much greater effect on the people than a UAH rolling past them on a road.
Only about 3500 of the 170,000 AM General Hummers produced between 1985 and early 2004 were the M1114 Up-Armoured HMMWV (UAH) model.
The 4 x 4 vehicle was selected in 1995 to equip the US Army Military Police Corps Regiment with a better-protected vehicle than the M1114 UAH. An initial contract for 99 ASVs was placed in 1999, and by late 2004 77 vehicles were deployed in Iraq.
[1] Zonal Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, UAHS, Shivamogga, Karnataka--577 225, India.
[2] Department of Plant Pathology, UAHS, Shivamogga, Karnataka--577 225, India.
Again, using UAHs was an entirely new experience for my platoon and company.
As this trend of converting grew in momentum, our Soldiers quickly realized that a M998 HMMWV with canvas doors provided little in terms of protecting its occupants from a simple roadside IED and asked that we provide them with the latest in up-armored HMMWV (UAH), the M1114 and M1151/52.