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UAIUniversidad Abierta Interamericana (Spanish: American Open University; Argentina)
UAIUnione Astrofili Italiani (Italian: Italian Amateur Astronomers Union)
UAIUniversidad Adolfo Ibañez (Spanish: Adolfo Ibañez University; Chile)
UAIUnion Astronomique Internationale (French: International Astronomical Union)
UAIUSACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) Acquisition Instruction
UAIUnprotected Anal Intercourse
UAIUniversity Admissions Index (NSW/ACT, index needed by HS Graduating students in order to enter university)
UAIUnion Académique Internationale
UAIUnion des Associations Internationales (French: Union of International Associations)
UAIUnder Armour, Inc. (clothing)
UAIUniversal Armament Interface
UAIUse As Is
UAIUnited Against Injustice (UK)
UAIUrgent Account Information
UAIUsage, Attitude and Image (marketing research survey)
UAIUniversal Access Interface
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We made our final decision to locate in Janesville because of our proven successful track record of attracting Wisconsin employees capable of building a world class organization, said Tom Baer, founder and owner of UAI.
Charlie Collias, co-founder and SVP of Worldwide Sales of Zylight, said: "We have worked with Ushio America over the last several years and we know that by fully integrating with UAI, we will be able to utilize Ushio's wider integration of technologies and group companies to expand both companies' IP, product portfolio, and services worldwide.
4 investigates whether the level of UAI explains the level of corruption.
This functionality will allow legacy platforms to communicate with new, UAI type weapons.
Desde el siglo pasado, la UAI es el organismo encargado de la designacion de los cuerpos celestes y de los accidentes orograficos de sus superficies.
In sum, the results in Table 5 support the proposition that the cultural values of IND and UAI are important in explaining international differences in the magnitude of earnings management after controlling for the effect of non-cultural factors.
We're happy with our UAI survey but it covers only the product categories where our brands belong.
theliver The day will be followed by an open mic poetry evening at The Casa Bar, in Hope Street - where the first meeting to discuss setting up UAI was held.
Estas dificultades, inciden enormemente en la calidad de vida de la poblacion escolar con TDAH, como lo constatan los psicologos en formacion, de la Fundacion Universitaria de Popayan, que apoyan a la UAI.
Given that hyperosmolar products have been shown in vitro and in vivo to cause epithelial injury, they may have the potential to increase HIV acquisition and transmission, if they are used during UAI.
Lower PDI managers would be more assured of their position in the firm, and those with lower UAI can tolerate uncertainty and are able to make decisions, thus feel more in control.
Uncertainty UAI "The extent to which the members of a culture Avoidance feel threatened by uncertain or unknown Index situations" (Hofstede, 2001).