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Urinary sample collected from DM rats after 8 weeks showed a marked increase in Ualb, Upcx, UACR, and UPCR levels accompanied with a significant decrease in Ucr (Figure 2).
In the experiment, metformin decreased the level of TG, TC, and LDL-C, reduced the excretion of Ualb and Upcx, and relieved the FRFP.
The HpyIV variant group had higher mean ALAU and Ualb levels than the group with the wild-type genotype (1.15 vs.
PbB concentrations significantly affect URBP, U[alpha]1m, U[beta]2m, and Ualb even after adjusting for age, gender, BMI, and exposure duration.
The same trend is shown in the relations of U[beta]2m, URBP, and Ualb to PbB concentrations.
For HpyCH4 1-1 homozygotes, 1 [micro]g/dL PbB caused an increase of 1.042 mg/g Cr U[alpha]1m, 1.069 mg/g Cr Ub2m, 1.038 mg/g Cr URBP, and 1.033 mg/g Cr Ualb, whereas in HpyCH4 1-2 heterozygotes, an increase of 1 [micro]g/dL PbB resulted in an increase of only 1.009 mg/g Cr U[alpha]1m, 1.012 mg/g Cr U[beta]2m, 1.009 mg/g Cr URBP, and 1.007 mg/g Cr Ualb.
The intra- and interassay CVs were <6% for all IT methods at both tested UALB concentrations.
Of the 98 urine samples, disagreement with UALB results obtained by method A occurred in 8 samples (8.2%) analyzed by method B, 5 samples (5.1%) analyzed by method C, and 8 samples (8.2%) analyzed by method D.
Use of different IT methods for UALB measurement in this study did not notably alter the classification of DN.
Acknowledgment: We thank the Clinical Chemistry Unit at Clinical Pathology Division, HCPA, for providing urine samples and UALB results.