UAMBLUnit of Action Maneuver Battle Lab
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The Army has assigned six colonels to UAMBL, said Hughes.
To enhance experimentation, UAMBL has created the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment, said Hughes.
UAMBL started another series of experiments in August called the Battle Command Study.
Based on lessons learned throughout the year, UAMBL will have another experiment next August to "somewhat refine" battle command procedures.
Additionally, UAMBL will conduct frequent experiments "to determine how the systems work individually and collectively and how we employ them into a tactical situation," said Tucker.
UAMBL works with a series of constructive and joint conflict models, said Cook.
For virtual simulations, UAMBL relies on the Advanced Concept Research Tool, a reconfigurable simulator, "in which you can plug various types of displays and controls to simulate operational capabilities of a manned platform," Cook explained.
For this purpose, UAMBL uses computer-generated forces.