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Cultures that either prompted germination and development to the protoconn stage, or were deemed potentially important (e.g., acquired from different protocorms in situ) were deposited into the University of Alberta (Canada) Microfungus Collection and Herbarium (UAMH) for safekeeping and future use through cryopreserration.
Nearly half (35/75) of these strains have been deposited into the UAMH collection for safekeeping and future use (Table 1).
Lynne Sigler for deposition of mycorrhizal fungi into UAMH and to Marlin L.
The fungus that was scraped and isolated from a moldy, fed female was identified as Scopulariopsis brevicaulis (Sacc.) Bainier (UAMH isolate 11903); this isolate originated from a single tick.
Scott (UAMH, Toronto, Ontario) for fungus identification, J.
23 (Click beetle) Scopulariopsis brevicaulis Dermacentor albipictus 11903 (Winter tick) Fungus and isolate# Origin Deposited Beauveria bassiana France, Europe ARSEF (1) 149 Beauveria caledonica Kentucky, USA UAMH (2) 11821 Metarhizium anisopliae North Carolina, USA ARSEF 23 Scopulariopsis brevicaulis New Hampshire, USA UAMH 11903 (1) ARSEF, USDA-ARS Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures, Ithaca, New York, USA.
There are two contenders - the viaducts at Glenfinnan and Loch nan Uamh, near Arisaig.
At Loch nan Uamh (loch of the cave), a cairn marks the spot where a French frigate uplifted Bonnie Prince Charlie the year after Culloden.
Along the line The view of Ben Nevis, Neptune's Staircase, Polnish - the Local Hero church, Bonnie Prince Charlie's cairn at Loch nan Uamh
Then it's on past Loch Nan Uamh and, before you know it, those silver sands at Morar are pointing you towards your final destinaton, the fishing town of Mallaig.
Legend lies farther on at Loch nan Uamh (Loch of the Cave), where it was said that during construction of the line in 1899, a horse and cart plunged into the massive void of the viaduct during concrete-pouring operations.
The weather was glorious, apart from a bizarre five minute shower of hailstones when we got to Loch nan Uamh, where another Nessie-type monster is supposed to live.