UANTUrology Associates of North Texas
UANTUpper Avon Navigation Trust Ltd. (est. 1965; UK)
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"UANT have claimed that their proposal was an essential part of a national strategy for navigation.
"The proposals will cost UANT pounds 9 million, if they have that sort of money to spend then it should be used on existing facilities."
Under the UANT proposals, engineering work will be carried out so that the section of the Leam and Avon rivers between Radford Semele and Stratford will be navigable for large powered boats.
Mr Thompson said: ``We are again asking UANT to withdraw the threat to canalise the rivers.''
Ruffwood School,Kirkby, in Knowsley,has taken a hard line on truancy by seeking the prosecution of parents of habitual tr uants.
A COMMUNITY support officer's duties will inc lude: Patrolling troubled estates; Dealing with abandoned vehicles; Crowd stewarding; Graffiti removal;Cordoning off crime scenes; Issuing fixed penalty notices for dog fouling or dropping litter; Checking on tr uants and people with curfews; Confiscating tobacco or alcohol from under-age smokers or drink ers; Stopping vehicles to test for admission levels.
But, thanks to new powers handed down to the courts by the government to help in the war against truanc y,magistrates can at last takeafirm hand in punishing parents of persistent tr uants ,handing out sentences of up to three months' imprisonment and fines of up to pounds 2,500.