UAPIUmbilical Artery Pulsatility Index
UAPIUniversal Application Programming Interface
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The MCAPI and UAPI values for corresponding gestational age were compared with the reference values given by Harrington et al normograms.
Now available in select countries across the region, Travelport uAPI enables travel agencies to streamline the booking process by re-aggregating currently fragmented content from the GDS and other sources.
Performance Characteristics of Doppler Indices Doppler TP TN FP FN Sensitivity Specificity Indices UA PI 44 44 8 4 91% 84.6% MCA PI 42 24 28 6 87.5% 46% MCA PI/ UAPI 46 44 8 2 95.6% 84.6% RATIO Doppler Diagnostic Indices Accuracy UA PI 88% MCA PI 66% MCA PI/ UAPI 90% RATIO
Visitors will also be able to preview breakthrough technology, including Travelport's Smartpoint, a framework that facilitates point and click navigation, and Universal API (uAPI), an industry-leading application designed to give travel agents the ability to aggregate travel content from multiple sources through a single interface.
Via its Smartpoint tool, uAPI or on mobile, Travelport-connected agencies have a one-stop-shop for their global car supply and ground transportation needs.
Travelports connected travel agents can now select and purchase South African Airways paid seats and excess bag options in advance, using Travelport Smartpoint, Travelports industry-leading desktop point of sale as well as via Travelports Universal API (uAPI) which is available to other travel players, such as online travel agencies.
Table II: Validity scores of each test for combined adverse perinatal outcome Test Outcome N Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV parameter MBPP APO 100 57.69% 70.83% 68.18% 60.71% BPP APO 32 92.30% 33.33% 85.71% 50% UAPI APO 32 69.23% 66.67% 90% 33.33% MCAPI APO 32 91.67% 16.67% 42.30% 75%