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UAProfUser Agent Profiles
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The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) defines the User Agent Profile (UAProf) [OM06] which is based on CC/PP and defines a vocabulary for describing characteristics and capabilities of mainly WAP-enabled mobile devices.
An example of a UAProf description can be found in Listing 2.
The root element of a UAProf must be labeled rdf:RDF and must include xmlns:rdf (line 7) and xmlns:prf(line 8) to refer to the RDF and UAProf namespaces.
Listing 3 provides an example with information similar to the UAProf in Listing 2.
Listing 3 uses only UED terminology which is similar to that of UAProf and thus the meaning of the elements can easily be derived from Listing 2.
We suggested a personalized adaptation method that uses the UAProf device profile information and a user preference profile containing user interest information in order to calculate the item priority and reconstruct the web tree.
Samsung Nexus Prime has appeares in a user agent profile (UAProf) on the Samsung website
While the information from Samsung's UAPROF does not equivocally confirm what features with which the device will ship, it is a great indicator of its makeup.A
Samsung may be trying to keep specifications and details about the smaller version of the Galaxy S3 secret but a User Agent Profile (UAProf) that surfaced on Samsung Mobile's WAP website not only seemed to confirm the device's existence but also revealed some features.
The ( UAProf , which is in XML format, suggests this device (( model number GT-I8190 and code-named Golden ) will run an unspecified version of the Android software.
Chinese website, MyDrivers claims to have gotten images of the UAProfs (User Agent Profiles) of two Sony devices codenamed Sony G3112 and the G3221.