UARGUtility Air Regulatory Group
UARGUnidad Academica Rio Gallegos (Spanish: Academic Unit Rio Gallegos; Argentina)
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Compare Coenen & Davis, supra, at 790 (describing UARG), and Barnett & Walker, supra, at 150, with Asher Steinberg, Another Addition to the Chevron Anticanon: Judge Kavanaugh on the "Major Rules"Doctrine, THE NARROWEST GROUNDS (May 7, 2017, 8:44 PM)
In UARG, King, and Michigan, the Court declined to defer to agency interpretations of statutes that the agencies were charged with administering.
(27) Although the precise question before the Court was whether the EPA could regulate greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, (28) the logic of the decision effectively authorized regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources as well, including those at issue in UARG. (29)
Without delving too deeply into the technical details of the Clean Air Act, there were essentially two types of sources at issue in the EPA rule challenged in UARG. The first group would not have been subject to the PSD or Title V permitting process at all, but for their greenhouse gas emissions.
This recognition is similar to that in UARG. The EPA's
additional GHG regulations for the electricity sector when UARG was
The trajectory of the UARG case, and the opinion itself, preserve (even bolster) EPA's authority to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the largest industrial sources.
The narrowness of the question that the Court answered in UARG is
13/07/1998 Access to GR Ministerial Proposal of Regulation regulations Resolution 620 Date of release 7/7/1997 N/A National MAVDT MAE: UARG authority Associated Ministerio del Interior IEPI, MRECI.