UARMUnconventional Assisted Recovery Mechanism (US DoD)
UARMUniversidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya
UARMUniversidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Peru)
UARMUrban Arts Research & Marketing
UARMUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello
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The main subsystems of robot uArm are: mechanical part of the manipulator with the vacuum gripper, four servomotors and a microcontroller (Arduino), Fig.
The uArm manipulator with attached coordinate frames is given in Fig.
The uArm manipulator in its initial position ([[theta].sub.i] = 0, i = 1, 2, 3) with attached coordinate frames
DH parameters for uArm manipulator Link [a.sub.i] [a.sub.i] [d.sub.i] Link 1 -[L.sub.1] 900 L0 Link R1 [L.sub.2] 0 0 Link R3 [L.sub.3] 0 0 Link R4 (part [O.sub.3][O.sub.4]) [L.sub.2] 0 0 Link R2 [L.sub.3] 0 0 Link R4 (part [O.sub.4][O.sub.5]) [L.sub.4] 0 0 Link [[theta].sub.i] Link 1 [[theta].sub.1] Link R1 [[theta].sub.2a]= 02+[55.sup.0] Link R3 [[theta].sub.4] Link R4 (part [O.sub.3][O.sub.4]) [[theta].sub.5] Link R2 [[theta].sub.3a] = [theta].sub.3] + [55.sup.0] Link R4 (part [O.sub.4][O.sub.5]) 0
Directora de la Escuela de Psicologia de la UARM. Contacto: Av.
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