UARNOCUnified Atlantic Region Network Operations Center
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Furthermore, since each network enclave is independent of the others, a ship could get NIPRNet IP services from UARNOC and SIPRNet IP services from ECRNOC.
III border router locations: * Unified Atlantic Region Network Operations Center (UARNOC) at NCTS Hampton Roads --NCTAMS Atlantic --NAVSATCPMFAC Northwest, Virginia --Fort Detrick, Maryland * European-central Region Network Operations Center (ECRNOC) at NCTS Naples, Italy --Capodichino, NCTS Naples, Italy --Lago Patria, NCTS Naples, Italy --Landstuhl, Germany --NCTAM LANT, Norfolk, Virginia (primarily for commercial broadband satellite program (CBSP)) * Indian Ocean Region Network Operations Center (IORNOC) at NCTS Bahrain --NCTS Bahrain --Lago Patria, NCTS Naples, Italy (after ADNS Inc.
The success of the communications in BA12, and the other embedded exercises, would not have been possible without the diligent operations and reporting between NCTAMS LANT's messaging and tech control divisions, as well as the UARNOC, the regional IP service provider for the ships and the satellite Earth stations responsible for the physical receipt and transmission of the electromagnetic signals between ships and shore.
As it turns out, the first cross-connect proof of concept test was conducted aboard USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) with the UARNOC in 2007 by Commander, Amphibious Squadron 4's fleet systems engineering team (FSET) support contractors, Allen Knapp and Matthew Klym, who are currently assigned to the Enterprise Strike Group staff.