UASBUniversidad Andina Simon Bolivar (Spanish: Simon Bolivar Andean University; Quito, Ecuador)
UASBUpflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
UASBUpflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (wastewater treatment)
UASBUniversity of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore (India)
UASBUnited American Savings Bank (Pittsburgh, PA)
UASBUndergraduate Academic Services Building (Arizona State University)
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The laboratory-scale investigation demonstrated that the UASB reactor is highly effective for COD removal and energy recovery (via produced biogas) when treating cheese waste.
[11] no encontraron remociones de fosforo en el sistema de tratamiento biologico (reactor UASB).
and Marais, G.V.R., 1993, "Treatment of wine distillery waste in UASB system--feasibility, alkalinity requirement and pH control," Wat.
Opinion about the User Education Programme by Post Graduate Students User Option UASB ANGRAUH TNAUC KAUT UASD Education Programme N=94 N=84 N=89 N=85 N=92 Library Yes 94 84 89 85 92 provides (100.00) (100.00) (100.00) (100.00) (100.00) UEP No 0 (0.00) 0 (0.00) 0 (0.00) 0 (0.00) 0 (0.00) Helped to Yes 89 72 82 75 78 make best (94.68) (85.71) (92.13) (88.24) (84.78) use of Library Facilities No 5 (5.32) 12 7 (7.87) 10 14 (14.29) (11.76) (15.22) User Total Education Programme N=444 Library 444 provides (100.00) UEP 0 (0.00) Helped to 396 make best (89.19) use of Library Facilities 48 (10.81) Opinion about the User Education Programme by Research Scholars
UASB isa form of anaerobic digester that is used in the treatment of wastewater, which the most suitable and compact technology to decompose organic substance easily with high speed by anaerobic bacteria.
Desempenho de processo anaerobio em dois estagios (Reator compartimentado seguido de reator UASB) para tratamento de aguas residuarias de suinocultura.
Thus, it has been determined that the struvite obtained from the UASB effluent is feasible in agriculture as a valuable fertilizer, and the final product be used as a healthy animal feed.
A complete treatment of slaughterhouse waste-water combined with sludge stabilization using 2-stage high-rate UASB process.
With the help of technologies such as Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR), Organica, UASB and other technologies, Pak Oasis aims to reuse sewage/effluent or provide combined effluent treatment.